About Dizzy Duck

About Dizzy Duck

Dizzy Duck – A cure for the common car wash

Dizzy Duck Speedy Car Wash is a state of the art, exterior vehicle washing system. Utilizing a one-hundred foot high-tech design “super tunnel”,  it provides a sparkling clean, spot free finish equal to expensive full service detailing centers at a fraction of the cost and in a minimum amount of time.

Patrons may choose from distinct levels of car wash services ranging from a sparkling wash and turbo dry to tire shine and triple wax paint protectorant. Free self vacuum service is a part of every wash package.

Dizzy Duck recognizes that your vehicle represents a big investment. Keeping it properly cleaned is not only an uplifting experience, you’ll be extending your vehicle’s original beauty for years.

That is why Dizzy Duck Speedy Car Wash is committed to offering you the best car wash technology has to offer at a price that is easy on your wallet and to do so quickly so you can be on your way. Our commitment at Dizzy Duck is to “Delight Every Customer, Every Day – One at a Time!”

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